With frosch weakened and beat,pyrosmaster will see what he can do.

Pyro:Time to die!

(Pyro slams his face against a rock multiple times til he finally breaks it)

Frosch:Ah huh huh please pyro,enough...

Pyro:Its enough when i say its enough,know come here

(Pyro shoves the sword up his chin,he then throws him against the floor and then throws him against the wall)


(Pyro grabs frosch and then starts using the sword to dig through his chest)

Pyro:You dont wanna see this frosch!

Frosch:Wait please... NOO!

(Pyro shoves his fingures through his eyes making him see nothing)

Pyro:AH HAHA,how do you like this!

(Pyro cuts open his chest making his heart visible)

Pyro:This is for all the CRAP YOU GUYS PUT ME THROUGH!

(Pyro grabs his heart and rips it off brutaly)


Pyro:Good redinse...

(The remains of frosch are floating up in the sky were clouds are surronding him)

Pyro:Its happeining again!

(Earthquake starts to happen across vestroia)

(Aquos world fuses with ventus along with darkus)

Pyro:It looks like its chaos again

(A huge wave of water starts happeing causin a flood and then water starts to flow up)

Pyro:Better get outta here!

Later with the reaming soldiers


Oberus:Maybe its time for us to unite and send the secret weapon.

Clayf:I dont know,its to early

Apollonir:I agree,we will use it when the time is right.

Oberus:I guess so

(Lars Lion appears)

Apollonir:LARS LION!,you dare show yourself here after you help pyro to kill frosch!

Lars Lion:It wasnt my fault...

Apollonir;I BANISH YOU TO GO KILL PYRO,with our special weapons.

(Apollonir shoots a portal from his horn that sucks in lars lion)

Later with pyro

Pyro:I guess its time for me to find the way to the temple.

(Portal appears where lars lion and the secret weapon come)


Lars Lion:Sorry pyro but i was forced to make frosch kill you

Pyro:More like help me kill him.

Lars Lion:Im afraid i have a secret weapon that will take you down.

Secret Weapon:Must kill pyrosmaster

Pyro;You can try.

SW:Ability activate,rocky charge

(Slams against pyro into a wal)

Pyro:Ooo,wait i remember that atttack.

SW:Must kill pyrosmaster

Pyro:Wait your....

To Be Continued...

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