Attribute Subterra Subterra
Variations Teleterra
Teleterra HD
Partner Nuza
First Appearance Bakugan Introduction! Episode 3 Part 1/2


This bakugan is considered the fastest Subterra bakugan ever. He is also the most abnormal bakugan. He can blend in a desert really great, 1/10 times he gets spotted. He is a tan sandy color, with a TV hidden in his chest. He weights 20 tons and is 5 stories tall ( 50 feet ). His two feet have 3 wheels that can hold 20 tons each. He can hold things up to 120 tons. He is so powerful, that one flick can send a bakugan back 50 feet. Just, he is a slow hitter. His TV is used to distract his opponent, so he can hit his opponent hard. If his TV breaks, it needs to be replaced in 7 days or he'll die.


  • Distractor- Teleterra uses his TV to distract his opponent, and follows up with one of this next 3 moves
  • Punch Line- Teleterra punches his opponent, hard enough, that 8 boulders break to pieces
  • Flicker- Teleterra flicks his opponent 100 miles away from him
  • Scoopline- Teleterra picks his opponent up and slams his opponent and followes up with a punch
  • Earthshaking Stomping- Teleterra stomps on his opponent 5 times
  • Body Drop- Teleterra jumps up and drops his body onto his opponent
  • Earthquaker- Teleterra makes a powerful earthquake
  • Sand Shield- Teleterra, bring a shield of sand to protect him
  • Signal Connection- Teleterra's sheild connects to a satilete, firing a beam from space, at this opponent

Teleterra HD
Attribute Subterra Subterra
Partner Garren


He is the evolved form of Teleterra. He was brought back to life and has returned with an HD TV! He is 50 feet tall.


Ultimate Ability:

  • HD Quality! ( Teleterra HD uses his HD TV to fire a beam of energy )

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