Team Syachihoko is 3B Junior team in 3B Junior: Stardust Adventure. They are the most popular next to Momoiro Clover ZThey are also marked by colors. This is the only group to not have any graduations or newcoming members.  It has always been 6 members. Their Power Song is Ii Kurashi.
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Honoka Akimoto - The leader of the group whose image color is red. She is always in a good mood and very comedic. She can be described as very similar to Takoniji member, Towa. She is very kind to her bandmates and other people. She has the power of ferrokinesis (metal manipulation) and her 3B idol form name is Tekken (Iron Fist).

Chiyuri Itou - Usually the lead singer and the group's yellow. She is very peppy just like Honoka. She is full of surprises and is very friendly to her teammates and reaches out to her fans. She just like Saki Kiyoi, looks up to Momoclo yellow, Shiori Tamai and strangely enough also has the power of light. Her 3B idol form name is called Sanspāku (Sun Spark).  

Nao Sakura - The group's blue member and also the mother figure of the group despite not being the oldest. She is very funny and hysterical and also known for being helpful. She looks up to former Momoclo member, Akari Hayami whose image color was also blue. She has the power to summon and supernaturally bond with marine animals and this has earned her 3B idol form the name Mizumārinu (Water Marine).

Yuzu Andou - A popular Syachihoko member whose image color is pink. She is well known for her most notable feature, her very distinctive eyes which many consider cute. She is the "innocent, cute" type of the group. Like her bandmembers she is very funny and kind.  Her powers are of ice and her 3B idol form name is Aisufuri (Ice Free).

Haruna Sakamoto - A fan favorite and also the green member. She like many others connect with her fans and is a loving and loveable person. She is one of the most energetic and mature people of her group. She also somewhat acts as a mother figure like Nao also despite being the youngest. She can run at super fast speeds and her 3B Idol form name is Zumu (Zoom).

Yuzuki Ogurou - The oldest member as well as one of the cheeriest. Her image color is purple and she acts very similiarly to Momoclo's purple member, Reni Takagi. She is the most comedic and funniest of her group. She has the ability to scale (climb) walls including ceilings. She has been given the name Jampu Supaida (Jumping Spider).



Power Song - Ii Kurashi

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