Talonscar the mighty has appeared! Always stay alert!

Nickname(s) Owlman
Gender Male
Role Hero
Team Team Animal Spirit
Partner(s) Lon-Lon, Panda, Tommi
Ability(-ies) Flight, enhanced intelligence
Weapon(s) Martial arts, beak, talons


When he was a teenager, he was out one day poking around and unknowingly trespassed into a witch's lair. She discovered him and cursed him to have owl features. He eventually endured it, and incorporated it into his martial arts. And after having an extensive life, he has furthered his studies and gained vast knowledge.



He has the torso of a well built man. He has an owl head with feathers and bird scales on his shoulder and in the middle of his chest. He has muscular human arms with tribal cuffs on them and has feathers and scales on his hands with tribal bracelets. He wears a decorated belt and leg cuffs. His legs are covered with white feathers and he is equipped with sharp taloned bird feet. He also has a long layered tail.


He is very intelligent and informative. He is kind and loyal to his peers. In battle he is very rough but sometimes merciful. Because he is great in battle strategy, he has gained many victories. He is also very quiet most of the time.


Talonscar's most notable ability is his flight though he does not have wings. He can fly very high at jet-like speeds. He is also equipped with battle-ready talons on his hands and feet, as well as a sharp beak.


  • He is the only human-animal RWT member.

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