Takoyaki Rainbow is 3B Junior team in 3B Junior: Stardust Adventure. It is 5 member group that used to be an eight member group. Like Momoclo and Syachihoko, they are also marked with colors. They are the youngest group of 3B Junior. Their Power Song is Over the Takoyaki Rainbow and they also have another one, Zesshou! Naniwa de Umareta Shoujo-tachi.

Back row L-R: Mai Haruna, Saki Kiyoi, Kurumi Mori, Front Row L-R: Karen Negishi, Towa Narasaki (graduated) Sakura Ayaki


Current members


Kurumi Mori - The new leader of Takoniji after Towa Narasaki graduated. Her image color is purple. She seems to be shy but is very outgoing and friendly. Her power is confusion inducement. Her 3B Idol name is Konfuza (Confuser).

Sakura Ayaki - The youngest member of Takoniji and a fan favorite because she is described as "short and cute". Her image color is pink. She has the ability to change the color, pattern, and texture of almost anything. This reflects on the group's namesake. She can be hyper yet having the dazzling spark in her. Her 3B Idol nameis Sakura Fubuki (Cherry Blossom Blizzard).

Mai Haruna - She's represented by blue. She is known for being the tallest member of the group and is proud of that. She is able to use hydrokinesis, the ability to manipulate water.  She is playful with her bandmates and love her fans. She is known as Mizumizu (Water Water) in her 3B Idol form.

Karen Negishi - Like Sakura, she is known to be very playful and hyper. Her image color is green and she is able to sprout angelic wings and use flight. In her 3B Idol form, she is known as Sora Tsubasa (Sky Wing).

Saki Kiyoi - She is most similiar to Momoclo member, Shiori Tamai. Like her, she has yellow as her image color and she has the power of light. Her 3B Idol form is named Hikaru Hikari (Shining Light).

Towa Narasaki - The former leader who graduated from the group. She has returned to aid Takoyaki Rainbow in the fight against evil. Her image color was red and she was known for being charismatic, cheery, and selfless. She has the power to create an alluring force that can lure people into traps. It is hypnosis in a sense. She has yet to gain her 3B Idol form which she will name Retān Kurasshu (Return Crash). She looks highly up to fellow 3B member Kanako Momota.

たこやきレインボー「オーバー・ザ・たこやきレインボー」MUSIC VIDEO03:50

たこやきレインボー「オーバー・ザ・たこやきレインボー」MUSIC VIDEO

Power Song - Over the Takoyaki Rainbow

たこやきレインボー「絶唱!なにわで生まれた少女たち」 MUSIC VIDEO04:48

たこやきレインボー「絶唱!なにわで生まれた少女たち」 MUSIC VIDEO

Second Power song (without Towa): Zesshou! Naniwa de Umareta Shoujo-tachi

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