Tachyon is a Reality!
Species Tachyens
Equipment Black body suits with silver armor on top.
Weaponry Futuristic
Normal Style Balanced
Normal Fighting Style Counter and Strike
Abilities Slow Time
Powersource Tachyal
Status Sustainable


A small planet thought to be a large asteroid that moves like a speeding bullet through the paths of multiple planets in the Soltaros Galaxy. Tachyon's outer shell is all black, making it hard to see at times. It runs on the energy from its source of power, the Tachyal. Tachyon has a few secret weapons inside such as a battle machine and a large laser. When approaching situations such as an asteroid field or colliding into another planet, the planet's commander, ???, slows time and changes this large asteroid's course. Tachyens have the ability to access weapons and rooms by using their mechanical right arms as keys.


  • Black body suit - Spandex clothing which covers all body parts of Tachyen.
  • Helmet -
  • Shoulderplates -
  • Chestplate -
  • Armored Gloves -
  • Armored Boots -


  • Staffs -
  • Energy Guns -
  • Tasers -


  • Slow time
  • Cyberkinesis

Characters from reality's nameEdit


Commander ???:

???: Tachyon's secret weapon, which is chained up and locked away in a room beside Tachyon's powersource.


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