TETBC bakugan list,this list is only exclusive for the people who entered the Tournament. Must list 6 Bakugan, you will use 3 in the qualifying rounds and then 6 for if you make it in the final event.


  1. Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid
  2. Pyrus Reptak
  3. Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid
  4. Pyrus Wolfurio
  5. Pyrus Scaboid
  6. Pyrus Krakix



  1. Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid 890+30+30=950Gs
  2. Ventus Jaakor 940Gs
  3. Pyrus Reptak 830+70+20=920Gs
  4. Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid 900Gs
  5. Darkus Infinity Helios 750/800/850/900/1000/1150 Gs
  6. Ventus Taylean 770Gs


  1. Pyrus Zenthon 180Gs
  2. Pyrus Zenthon Titan 240Gs
  3. Ventus Silent Strike 170Gs


  1. Gold Sonicanon 30Gs
  2. Gold Hammermor 70Gs
  3. Silver Bombaplode 80Gs

Mobile AssaultsEdit

  1. Pyrus Zoompha 200Gs
  2. Pyrus Rapilator 280Gs
  3. Ventus Koptorix 210Gs

Battle SuitsEdit

  1. Pyrus Blasterate 210Gs
  2. Ventus Combustoid 210Gs
  3. Darkus Dommtronic 210Gs

Emiliano HelixEdit

  1. Pyrus Helix Dragonoid
  2. Pyrus Contestier
  3. Pyrus Coredem
  4. Pyrus Strikeflier
  5. Pyrus Meta Dragonoid
  6. Pyrus Raptorix


  1. Pyrus Aranaut
  2. Ventus Sky & Gaia Dragonoid
  3. Ventus Braxion
  4. Ventus Chance Dragonoid
  5. Haos Lumagrowl
  6. Haos Krakix


  1. Darkus Infinity Helios
  2. Darkus Rubanoid
  3. Darkus Dharak
  4. Darkus Hakapoid
  5. Darkus Phosphos
  6. Darkus Clawsaurus

Charlie AbbottEdit

  1. Haos Meta Dragonoid
  2. Haos Ingram
  3. Haos Clawsaurus
  4. Haos Turbine Helios
  5. Haos Wolfurio
  6. Haos Flash Ingram


  1. Pyrus Infinity Helios
  2. Darkus Infinity Helios
  3. Haos Wulfurio
  4. Pyrus Wolfurio
  5. Darkus Cyclone Percival
  6. Haos Cyclone Percival

Attribute MasterEdit

Note: If you have Mechtogan, you may post them down here under your name. You may use 6 Mechtogan, 6 BakuNano, 6 Battle Gear, 3 Traps, 3 Mobile Assaults, and 3 Battle Suits.

Support PiecesEdit

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