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Styx and Acheron
Styx and Acheron
Debut I
Used By None
Gender Male
G-Power Both Unknown
Attribute Aquos (Later Magmius Aquos)

Ventus (Later Magmius Ventus)

Title Resurfaced Deities
Status Unknown
Weaponry Saber (Styx)

None (Acheron)

Close Relationships TBA
Main Adversaries TBA
Main Allies TBA
Styx and Acheron are deities of Magmatrius and are considered to be the first Magmanians.


To be completed.


Styx has always been slightly selfish and arrogant. Very egostistical, he sometimes forget the needs of others. However, despite this, he has been noted to be an exceptional leader. This doen't change how Styx feels about Acheron's behavior, though.



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