FLW Wrestling is a story created by Wolf. This wrestling story covers the point of view of multiple characters such as "The Star" Aaron Highlight, however, no other characters have been covered as of now. The big story of FLW Wrestling is suppose to deal with smaller men vs. bigger men, while including the personal lives' of a few characters.

If you want to read more about FLW Wrestling, check out FLW Wrestling: The Beginning - Episode 1 to FLW Wrestling: Return of the Show - Episode 21. Otherwise, asks any questions and I'll answer.

What was your influence to write FLW Wrestling?-Winx

  • Before I started Wolf's Story, I made a blog seeing whether others users would like me making a Bakugan story or professional wrestling story. Wolf's Story came first, but I wanted to do a wrestling story for a long while. The influences of being passionate about professional wrestling and knowing my time on here is counting down is what really made me decide to write FLW Wrestling.

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