The planet Aeon is strange, it has been affected by a mysterious power after a deity named Omnin tried to absorb the planet, the power was unleashed among the world giving humans supernatural abilities. A group of heroes will rise and stop Omnin's uprising to become the most powerful being.

You can read more about Excursion via the link or by reading Episode 1: Supernatural Awakens. Otherwise, make sure to ask questions about Excursion below!

1. Of all the characters you're going to work with, which character do you think will be your favorite? ~ Wolf

  • Dr Periodic I think because he doesn't really have neato superpowers, he is like Iron Man and has all these cool gadgets.

2. Which character's supernatural power do you think you'll like working with the most? ~ Wolf

  • the protag because he has multiple powers, he's pretty unique

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