Revenge of the Resident Raccoon is about Raphoon's attempt to get revenge on Leonidas for knocking him into an overflowing sink with the help of his friend, Roxanoid. However, as he tries, an evil is getting in the form of a baby and nutcracker. A baby Nintendo babysits, while Val's family is on vacation, Val focuses on getting Halo 4 out of the Wii U, and Aaron is with his girlfriend. Will Raphoon ever get his revenge? Will anyone figure out the baby and nutcracker's evil plot? You'll just have to find out.

If you'd like to read more, check out Revenge of the Resident Raccoon's page or RotRR episodes 1 - 4. Otherwise, you may leave as many questions as you want below.

  • Question: Will I ever get the Halo 4 disc out of the Wii U? ~V
    • Answer: No. Kappa -GF
    • Answer: I don't know. ~ Wolf

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