A Neathian civil war has begun, a group mixed of some Neathians, Gundalians, and other aliens once attacked by Gundalian's before all have a grudge against Gundalian. These rebels, Neathian rebels, look for revenge against Gundalia and have attempted to take over Neathia's resources with their mechanical Bakugan and technology all fueled by Negatov Industries. However, they are faced by Neathians and some Gundalian forces led by Queen Fabia, Linus Claude, and Captain Elright or Commander Ren, and Prime Minster Nurzak depending on their side. 

If you want to read more, look here or check out this category for all episodes. Otherwise, you may ask questions about Neathia's Demise.

Question: I've honestly been a little confused when reading any chapter involves the war, but I think looking back at the blog helped me understand where each character belongs a little better. However, I may still be confused at times, so my question is what should I look for to understand where each character belongs (during each chapter involving war)?~ Wolf

The story assumes you have already seen the events of Gundalian Invaders. All Neathians there are Neathians here. The story attempts to mention which faction each character belongs to as they are revealed.

Question: The characters we made for the story, will they make an appearance? -Winx 

Of course they will be. Some already have.

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