Legends' Rage is the final season in Wolf's Story Part 2. It takes place 4 years after Defaming Fogs. The plot of Legends' Rage deals with the remaining Holding Bakugan searching for Wolf after Wolfie absorbed Darkus' Holding Bakugan, Darterym. However, they cannot find him. In addition, Wolf has gone crazy and has been killing some of his former friends. Sometimes sending a video directed to his son, Wolfgang, to mess with his mind. These videos each have one clue about Wolf's location. Other storylines include Darkusfan202 (/Darkus Pizza) and Blue being trapped at Wolf's location to be fed to Wolfie one by one and an ongoining change with Extremis Helios. 

If you'd like to read more, checkout Wolf's Story Part 2 under Legends' Rage's tab or look at Legends' Rage: Episode 1 to Legends' Rage: Episode 29. Otherwise, you may ask question(s) below.

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