Taking place in a world currently with no name, Leonidas, Celestial, Aria, and Bane live in medieval towns and villages, in districts governed by kingdoms. They each have their own perspective during Kingdom Come, where Leonidas has broken free from his father's chains and goes on a quest to find all his father's children. Meanwhile, Celestial the prince and heir to "the Kingdom's" throne is on a mission to seek alliances against Naga and reunites with friends from his childhood.

If you'd like to read the whole plot click here. Otherwise, you may ask your questions below.

Question 1: What do you mean by Leonidas finally breaking free from his father's chains? Is this literal or using figurative language? And if the meaning of Leonidas breaking free from his father's chains means control, what has Leonidas done under his father's control? ~ Wolf

Answer: This a figurative way of stating that Leonidas has broken away from his father's influence. It's also a slightly literally, as Leonidas had fought his way out of his father's fortress to escape his clutches. His father had tried - many times - to groom Leonidas to be his heir. In short, malicious and cruel as him. Leonidas knew better than to listen to his father, so he fought against his teachings his whole life up until his escape. Leonidas hasn't really been controlled, but his father (unsuccessfully) tried to do so.

Question 2: Was there any inspirations behind the plot? ~ Wolf

I wanted to recreate my original universe so, and to do kick it off with the reboot I decided to make the first story in the new universe explain the meeting between the storyline's current central characters. I also wanted to establish Leonidas' origins, as well as explain the history between Cel and Aria.

Question 3: Definitely one of the easier questions, why did you decide to change Ariette's name to Aria? ~ Wolf

Aria and her sister Rissa are part of a near-human species called Mirilians. The naming scheme of (most of) the Mirilians involves very distinct musical terms. Aria's name, originally an I talian term, means a lengthy accompanied song for a solo voice, especially in an opera or oratorio. I decided to give Aria a singing skill to add to her characterization. An ariette, or arietta, is a shorter version of an aria, but that wouldn't really coincide with Aria's singing skill since she like many Mirilian females is capable of performing long, intense operas and other works of singing.

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