Gane Over is a story where creatures formerly known as Bakugan face off in a game and are controlled by their owner. These creatures are now called Ganaergon, Technolagon, and Upgranolagon. Everyone wants to be the best, but their can only be one best in the game. This led to competitive play and unfortunately cheating by the "AFKMRWZ" Organization. In addition, there's focus on W's troubling situation after losing his close friend and his father, along with his mother being ill and tries to get W out of the "AFKMRWZ" Organization.

There are currently 25 episodes published (Gane Over: Episode 1 to Gane Over: Episode 25), and don't forget to ask questions.

Question: Will this continue? -Winx

Hopefully I decide to continue this, but I'm not 100% sure I will. ~Wolf

Question: What was the inspiration behind Gane Over? -Winx

It's been a little while since I started Gane Over, but I think my inspiration behind Gane Over had to deal with talking about it on chat. It was just some idea that I thought I could make interesting as I was starting to have trouble with making brawls. I guess I wanted to make another change like how I made a change with brawls in Humagons. ~Wolf

Question: Where did inspiration for the "AFKMRWZ" Organization come from, and what does it stand for (as in what its name means and what the organization itself symbolizes)? What's W's real relationship with it? ~V

The inspiration came from chatting with Nexus about having a gang in this story, which is where the "AFKMRWZ" Organization originally came from. Then I got to the whole alphabet idea somehow and went from there. The name was just kind-of random.


However, I knew A, N, W, and Z were all going to be in the name somehow unlike F, K, and R. The way it turned out worked though as "AFK" abbreviates "away from keyboard" and the game played (forget if I named the game) is played using a keyboard's keys. The organization itself symbolizes a group looking to achieve being number one through cheating and each letter in the group is on the keyboard and alphabet, so there's some symbolization with that. W's relationship with this organization dealt with a good friend of his, Drew (D), being a part of the group. Unfortunately though, Drew was killed by W after he shot W's hand (when he helping a civilian from being killed). ~Wolf

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