The Fight Series is a series consisting of four seasons and some shorts created by GamingFanatic. Its four seasons are Bakugan: Fight for All, Bakugan: Mutant Chaos, Bakugan: Soul's Army, and Bakugan: Time Strike.

If you want more information about Fight Series, check out the pages linked above and the episodes/chapters/pages available. Otherwise, make sure to leave a question.

  • Question: When's the next episode? Do you plan on uploading episodes more frequently? ~ Wolf
  • Answer: Thumbs and Diaries will be out by some point this week (Hopefully tonight), then I'll start focusing on the main series itself again. Hopefully, then I'll start uploading more often.
  • Off-topic Question: Should I ask you about when the next episode is like how Ice would ask me before? It worked for me, so maybe it could work for you.
  • "When the next episode is like"? I'm guessing this is a typo, but if not, could you be more specific? Sorry.
  • Read it as "when the next episode is" and then "like how Ice would ask me before." ~Wolf
  • Question: Which characters do you like to use the most in Fight Series? ~ Wolf
  • Answer: I like writing Nathan and Matthew. They're pretty much a comedic duo and writing their jokes is pretty fun.
  • Question: What made you decide to choose Iron Dragonoid as Michael Shraze's guardian Bakugan? ~Wolf
  • Answer: I wanted to go with a Dragonoid that most likely wouldn't appear in the anime. However, it did. Doesn't mean I can't use it though.
  • Question: I love this! What made you give a little "bump" to the plot :D ? ~Bolt
  • Answer: Sorry, but could you be a little more specific? I can't understand what you mean by that.

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