FLW Wrestling is a story based on professional wrestling. Its main plot hasn't been revealed, but I may reveal it if asked. Currently FLW Wrestling is from "The Star" Aaron Highlight's perspective in flashbacks to what happened to him. After Aaron's flashbacks are done, FLW Wrestling will move onto the perspectives of other characters before moving back to Aaron. A few plot twists are planned to happen in this story.

If you'd like to read more about FLW Wrestling, you can find all its episodes listed down below on FLW Wrestling. In addition, you can check all character pages out by using this category. Otherwise, you may ask a question or more below. 

Question: What was the inspiration behind FLW Wrestling? -Winx 

Answer: I always wanted to do a professional wrestling story. Before I started Wolf's Story, I made a blog on another wiki asking what I should do. Bakugan was the main response, but a professional wrestling story was never out of the question. Zach said it would be hard, and well, I like things to be hard. Otherwise, I tried getting a more professional wrestling feel in my stories with Humagons and Gane Over. ~ Wolf

Question: Are some people in the story based off of actual people? -Winx

Answer: Good question, I know the characters I make aren't based off of actual people. I just think of something I'd like and make the character. I try to stick away from basing my characters off other people or professional wrestlers I watch (why I don't have a pretty boy gimmick for sure). ~ Wolf

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