Available on the Winx! Network, Change for the Good is a reality show where six people live under one roof for months. You will watch (or read) about their parties, fights, the drama going on, and even a change for the good as they are put to the test to change their psychological and behavioral problems. 

If you'd like to learn more about this story, check out Change for the Good's page and Episode 1 and Episode 2. Otherwise, ask a question or more below.

Question: Winx, what was the inspiration behind Change for the Good? ~ Wolf

Answer: I wanted to write something very different than anything else on here. I don't think someone else did a reality show on here (Correct me if I'm wrong). And I like to watch reality shows on TV. :P

Question: Did you plan making multiple characters have common psychological and behavioral problems? ~ Wolf

Answer: I kind of did, but despite some of the characters having the same issues, the background and how they handle their issues are different.

Question: Was six the first number you choose for the amount of characters? ~ Wolf

Answer: No. Originally I wanted eight but I felt like it would be hard to keep up with different personalities and such. Then I changed it to seven, then six.

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