A Story Week exclusive, 3B Junior: Stardust Adventure is a story where music is banned in Japan by an evil force. This leads to Stardust Promotions' 3B Junior section to get the bottom of this situation and get music unbanned in Japan. 

If you'd like to read more, check out 3B Junior: Stardust Adventure's page. In addition, you can check out Part I and Part II for more information. Otherwise, you may ask questions below.

Question: Did you plan the strange man or did it just randomly come to your mind? ~ Wolf

Answer: It came to my mind but you might wanna check out Part 2 to give more detail to my answer. - Bolt

Question: What was your inspiration for 3B Junior: Stardust Adventure? ~ Wolf

Answer: Well, I wanted to combine mine two favorite things, Stardust groups, in this case, the 3B Junior bands, and fanfiction! - Bolt

Question: Have you learned anything new by making this (i.e. anything new about Japanese)? ~ Wolf

Answer: Yes! I have learned some new Japanese words such as "warui" meaning bad and "desu ne" meaning it is. - Bolt

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