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Stoon is Wolf's female puppy given to him on Christmas of 2012 by Zie, she is sometimes used in roleplays. Stoon is a combination of Star and Moon, ironically, her parents were named Star and Moon, but they deceased. On Christmas of 2013 she had 12 puppies (DAM STOON WTF?) [6 females, 6 males]


Corn - Male (nicknamed by Zie)Edit

Solis - Female (nicknamed by Val)Edit

Zofia - female (nicknamed by Winx)Edit

Steven - male (nicknamed by GF/Nintendocan)Edit

Gaia - female (nicknamed by DIE-- uh i mean DI)Edit

Wolfy - female (nicknamed by Wolf)Edit

Xerxes - male (nicknamed by C22)Edit

Circe - female (nicknamed by Bolt)Edit

Willow - female (nicknamed by Wolf)Edit

Walter - male (nicknamed by Wolf)Edit

Warrior - male (nicknamed by Wolf)Edit

M - male (nicknamed by Wolf)Edit

Other PuppiesEdit

Stoon gave birth to 69 puppies, she named them Thing's 1-69.

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