Sprantus is a Speporan!
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Sprantus is a small Speporan whose been picked on by Brutantus and his friends. He has light green skin and hair, while his eyes are dark green. He has some muscle and is stronger than Pacentus. Sprantus is friends with Pacentus and Racitus.

Description of Armor:Edit

Speporan Academy Armor:Edit

  • Helmet - Generic, gray headgear with a white visor.
  • Black Shirt - A long-sleeved, black shirt under a Speporan's chestplate, shoulderplates, and arm armor.
  • Chestplate - A flat, gray chestpiece worn to protect his chest. All Speporan chestplates has either Spetra, Spetro, or Spetre Academy's signature logo on the left side of their chest. Sprantus' has Spetra Academy's signature logo.
  • Shoulderplates - Flat, gray shoulder pieces worn to protect his shoulders.
  • Arm Armor - Flat, gray arm armor covering his arms.
  • Gloves - Gray gloves worn to protect his hands from blistering and give him a better grip on objects.
  • Black Pants - A pair of black pants under a Speporan's leggings and portion of their boots.
  • Armored leggings - Flat, gray armored leggings worn to protect his legs.
  • Boots - Gray boots worn to protect his feet and give him better traction when running.

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Small Speporan Hammer - Not a 5 foot Speporan Hammer; a 3 foot Speporan Hammer is Sprantus' weapon of choice. 




  • Supernatural Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed


Special Attacks:Edit

  • ??? - Sprantus smashes his opponent with his hammer over and over

Strongest Special Attacks:Edit


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