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From a long line of navigators and explorers titled Spirit Navigators, Atlas must harness his power of his navigating skills and the powers of the Navigational Spirits.

Episode 1Edit

~ Atlas is on a pirate ship in the ocean ~

Atlas: I summon the great Navigational Spirit of the Map, Mappa!!

Mappa: Well, hello there Atlas buddy boy!

Atlas: Mappa, can you show the nearest port closest to the village?

Mappa: You're approximately 1.5 miles away from it! Keep going to the North for a half and then Northeast for 1 more mile! The port to Syourai will be there!

Atlas: Thanks Mappa!

~ After a while the pirate crew start to have a party ~

Pirate Lad 1: Ho ho ho, matey, the ol' ginger ale will boost ya up!

Pirate Lad 2: And don't forget about the ol' pomefig wine!

Pirate Lad 3: Yes! A plate of good ol whatchacallit fish! Finest fried on the seas!

Atlas: *sitting around on a barrel looking out window* Captain Captain! Land! Land ho!

Captain Bluebeard: Good job matey, I knew bring a young'n like you under my wing would help us a great deal! We'll drop you off at the port!

~ The ship docks are the port ~

Atlas: *walking down the wooden steps* Seeya Bluey! Nice becoming part of the crew!

Captain Bluebeard: Anytime matey, take care laddy!

Pirate Lad 1: Farewell Atty!

~The ship departs~

Atlas: Now if I remember correctly where is that village...Excuse me, vendor!

Vendor: What ya need son?

Atlas: I need to know where Tanailis Village is.

Vendor: Sonny, that's several miles from here. It'll take forever by foot.

Atlas: Alright, thanks anyway.

Atlas: *while walking from the port* Mappa what do we do?

Mappa: We should find someone who can help us. I'm not exactly sure..In 1 mile, we'll be at a large city, so let's go there.

Atlas: Alright

~ Mappa and Atlas stop to talk ~

Mappa: It's already dark, maybe we should stop to camp. We can venture forth again first thing in the morning.

Atlas: I guess you're right. 

~ Mappa and Atlas are talking around a campfire ~

Mappa: Atlas have you heard of the 6 guardians?

Atlas: No...who are they

Mappa: The 6 guardians are the people that are entrusted with this regions power over nature and its status. The 3 Miko....Cerebella-Miko of the Mind, Spectrix-Miko of the Dark and the Moon, Soloria-Miko of the Light and the Sun. They were claimed to be the most beautiful women in the country. Then there were the Sages, they were the strongest men. Dynamix-Sage of Fire and Combustion, Botanam-Sage of the Forest, and finally Trilanar-Sage of Water and Ice. They reside inside the walls of the Royal Palace. Also...what is this I see!?!!?

~ Mappa is interuppted by the sight of Atlas being bored to sleep ~

Atlas: *snoring* Zzz....zzz....snore....snore snore...zzz...

Mappa: *reverts back to Map Hibernation mode*

~ It is the next day and the sun has risen. Mappa and Atlas are on their way.

Atlas: How many more miles do we have left?

Mappa: One half.

Atlas: Yes!

~ After half an hour, the duo finally make it ~

Atlas: Finally, we're in the city of...Aiai City!




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