With Serenity having to take a break and just rest, Wolfgang and the rest of the group talk. Also, Wolf vs. Redakaibakulover, in a spirit's world.

Wolf) Ability Activate! Sky Dive! ( Skyeroid grabs her opponent with her tail and flies down to the ground at a fast speed )

( Sykeroid grabs Torrent Hydros and takes him up )

Redakaibakulover) Ability Activate! Torrential Blast! ( Torrent Hydros fires a blast of water, that can cause flooding at a quick speed, the blast explodes at impact )

Wolf) Hey... Hey... Hey! Ability Activate! Cloudy Skins! ( Skyeroid makes her body covered in clouds )

( The clouds on Skyeroid absorb all the water and turm to a dark gray color )

Skyeroid) Thank you! Please enjoy your ride! ( Lets go of Torrent Hydros in the air and charges into his stomach at fast speeds slaming him to the ground )

Torrent Hydros) I'm not done yet! ( Stands back up )

Skyeroid) Okay!

Redakaibakulover) Ability Activate! Torrential Doubler! ( Hydros fires two beams of water, that quickly flood his opponent )

Skyeroid) He never learns, my clouds will protect me from water attacks.

( Skyeroid's clouds over-fill )

BOOM! ( The clouds exploded )

( Skyeroid goes into ball form )

Redakaibakulover) Wow... I won!

Wolf) Yeah, you did... ( Shakes Red's hand ) Once again, thank you for trying to save my son )

( Meanwhile in Serenity's room )

Serenity) I hate having to stay here! I want to work... Right Cookie?

Cookie) WOOF!

Serenity) I'll take that as a yes...

( Serenity holds May in her arms )

Serenity) But... maybe taking a break, once and a while... I guess spending time with May is nice... and I guess I should honor what Wolf said to me, by taking breaks...

( In the living room )

Wolfgang) So... what are we doing?

Wolfgirl12390) Yeah...

Airzel) We're doing a tournament! It will have us all train, get better, and well brawl.

Wolfgang) Can I play?

Airzel) This is for older people!

Nuzamaki90) Nah... Wolfgang will be in it, he'll brawl the winner, after what he has gone through... He lost his dad, was kidnapped, almost lost his mom, and well was almost kidnapped again.

Wolfgang) YAY!

Nuzamaki90) And the random bracket is done...

Nuzamaki90) It will be...

( Bracket will be revealed tomorrow, in another episode )

The Tournament Date! Ep. 25

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