Your power lies in your heart, not your muscle.

Spikodemiaus III
Nickname(s) Spike
Gender Male
Role Hero
Team Team Tempest
Partner(s) Gon-Gon, Ai-Ai
Ability(-ies) Superhuman strength
Weapon(s) Luchadore skills
Spike (Full name: Spikodemiaus III) is a character in Figure 10: Digital Rev. He is part of the Real World Troops and  is part of Team Tempest and his partners are Gon-Gon and Ai-Ai.


Spike grew up his whole life in an orphanage in Mexico. He grew up watching lucha libré matches and eventually aspired to become a luchadore. He was close to his mentor who took him in. He eventually died from old age and now Spike has chosen to continue his legacy. He bears a jaguar theme because the jaguar represents fierocity and control in his country. By the time of A-Day his skills are fully honed.



No one really remembers what he looks like, as he hardly goes out in the daylight and always keeps a mask on. He is very tall and dons the natural Hispanic olive skin. He is well toned. He wears near-skintight purple wrestling pants with yellow boots. He also wears wrestling gloves. One notable thing is that his jaguar mask has 2 green glowing eyes.


Spike has somewhat is a steel but caring personality. He is very loyal to his friends, but can get heated when in a argument or in distress. He is nice and friendly but sometimes can frighten those with his mask. He gets very agitated when someone asks about it his mask. He is very hardcore in battle.


Spike, after training for long, long years has really strengthened his body and eventually attained superhuman strength. He can pick up the heaviest of trucks, and even planes. But sometimes when abused, his body can get strained.


  • He is the only one hailing from North America on this team and the only Hispanic in the Real World Troops.

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