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Spetrus is located at the center of Spepora and is known for its never-ending thunderstorms. Out of all four, small plants, Spetrus is the most important due to holding Spepora's source of power. Metal tunnels lead to Spetrus from Spetra, Spetro, and Spetre.


  • Speporans - Fast, green-skinned speedsters, who have supernatural speed and face enhanced strength and speed when they can see red. Those on Spetrus are the most strongest Speporans, while others like Ascentus and Sylority live on one of Spepora's three other planets.


Elite Speporan Armor:Edit

  • Helmet - Thin, futuristic, metal helmet with a clear visor to protect a Speporan's eyes.
  • Chestplate -  Thin, futuristic, metal chestplate, with a copper wire running into armor covering his arms. Two cube batteries are inside his backside (where excess electricity goes).
  • Shoulderplates - Thin, futuristic, metal shoulderplates wired with copper, that runs from a Speporan's chestplate into a Speporan's arm armor.
  • Arm Armor - Thin, futuristic, metal arm armor, with a copper wire running through his arm armor and into his armored gloves.
  • Armored gloves - Thin, futuristic, metal gloves, with a bulb attached to each palm. A copper wire ends at each bulb.
  • Armored leggings - Thin, futuristic, metal leggings, with a thin, copper wire running through each legging and to his chestplate.
  • Armored Boots - Thin, futuristic, metal boots, with a plate of copper on each sole and a copper wire running into his armored leggings.


  • Large hammers
  • Shields
  • Spears
  • Swords


  • Supernatural Speed
    • Electrical strikes
    • G-Force Adaption
    • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Flight


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