Nuza) Garren, you go...

Garren) Ability Activate! Punch Line! ( Teleterra HD punches his opponent, hard enough, that 8 boulders break to pieces )

( Teleterra punches the ground )

( The ground shatters causing Ovorier to fall down )

Teleterra HD) Haha! YOU FELL!

Nuza) Ability Activate! Maxium Blade! ( Ovories blade grows to 3ft long )

( Ovorier's blades grow )

Ovorier) OH YEAH! I'LL SHOW YOU! *Slashes at the pieces of broken land*

Garren) Ability Activate! Earthshaking Stomping! ( Teleterra HD stomps on his opponent 5 times )

( Teleterra stomps on the piece of broken land Ovorier was cutting )

( Teleterra smashes the broken piece, but misses Ovorier )

( Ovorier starts slashing another piece of ground )

Teleterra HD) -_- Now where are you!


Daniel) Ability Activate! Sharpshoot Lightning! ( Lightning created from Thunder Dragonoid, travels underground, comes up, and may hold an opponent still )

( Thunder Dragonoid stomps on the ground relieving electricity )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Smashback! ( Shade clubs his opponent from behind after a disappearance act )

Thunder Dragonoid) ...

Daniel) Ability Activate! Wavering Bolts! ( Small lightning bolts, created by Thunder Dragonoid, move in a sloppy motion )

( The lightning bolts head in each direction )


( Shade appears with his fist hunched back )

( Daniel looks up and back at Thunder with a thumbs up )

( Shade attacks Thunder from behind )

( Thunder jumps up into the air )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunderous Light! ( Thunder Dragonoid charges into her opponent with a rainbow aura, after it hits, thunder can be heard )

Airzel) *Whispers* Ability Activate! Demonis Uppercut! ( Shade uppercuts his opponent with a black and red fist )

BOOM! *The thunder uproars*

( Shade cuts Thunder off with an uppercut )

( Shade sprouts demon-like wings )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Demonis Closegright! ( Shade flies into the air and clotheslines his opponent to the ground )

( Shade flies to Thunder, reaching above Thunder in seconds )

( Thunder recovers and flies down towards the ground )

( Shade turns around and notices Thunder recovered )

Shade) You little <beep>! *Chases Thunder*

( Thunder lowers to the ground as Shade catches up quickly )

( Daniel starts jumping )

Thunder Dragonoid) *Looks at a white spot on the ground* Shade...For a large and heavy bakugan, you're fast...

Shade) HEAVY!

Thunder) YES! *Accelerates*

( Shade accelerates his speed, nearly being neck to neck with Thunder )

( Thunder Dragonoid speeds up and passes the white spot, while Shade stops )


( Ovorier crashes into Shade knocking them both into the white spot )

( Electricity bursts from the white spot )

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunderous Light! ( Thunder Dragonoid charges into her opponent with a rainbow aura, after it hits, thunder can be heard )

( Thunder Dragonoid quickly charges into Shade and Ovorier )


( Ovorier and Shade crash and break through rocks, heading towards Teleterra )

Garren) Ability Activate! Flickering Ray! ( Teleterra HD flicks his opponent 150 miles away from him with a ray from his HD TV shining on them )

Teleterra HD) STRONGEST BAKUGAN TO EXIST, SHADEY...HUH? *Gets flick ready*

Shade) SHADEY!

Teleterra HD) Bye Shadey, the light'll shine you up! *Flicks*

( Ovorier and Shade head towards the top of the barrier wall )

Ovorier) Shade....I GOT THIS! *Raises legs onto Shade's wings*

( Teleterra HD projects Shade and Ovorier on his HD TV )


( Ovorier jumps off Shade's back, while Shade uses the barrier wall and flips towards Thunder Dragonoid )

Daniel) O_O

Thunder Dragonoid) What? *Looks up* Crap...

Daniel) Ability Activate! Thunder Implode! ( Thunder Dragonoid screeches making a hard to endure sound )

( Thunder Dragonoid screeches, while Shade charges through unaffected )

BANGA! *Shade crashes into Thunder Dragonoid*

( Thunder Dragonoid turns into his ball form )


Ovorier) I'M FLYING! I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH-Already am touching the sky...

( Teleterra punches )

( Ovorier flips over and runs on Teleterra's arm )

( Teleterra lifts his arm )

( Ovorier flips off )

Nuza) Ultimate Ability Activate! Giga Slash! ( With an enlarged blade, Ovorier slashes the opponent with a big times slash )

( Ovorier's blade crashes on Teleterra's head )

( Teleterra turns to his ball form )

By Airzel and Daniel...

Airzel) Good game, son...Thunder and you did great!

Daniel) You too Dad! =D

Longtime Rivals Face-off, Wolf vs. Airzel! Episode 46

Grade of Sons vs. Fathers, Daniel and Garren vs. Airzel and Nuzamaki90! Episode 45?

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This battle was ____?

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