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Sonic (FLW) is a FLW Brawler!
Sonic (FLW)
Sonic (FLW)
Nickname(s) "The Legendary Blue Hedgehog"
"The Blue Blur"
"Speed Demon"
"The Fastest Thing Alive"
Affiliation Face
Gimmick Sonic fan
Wrestling Style Brawling High-Flyer
Signature(s) Axe Kick
Finisher(s) Homing Attack
Debut Has not debuted yet
Real Name {{{realname}}}
Gender Male
Date of Birth {{{birthday}}}
Age 25
Height 5'8"
Weight 180 pounds
Wins {{{wins}}}
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From Christmas Island,


Relationships: Edit


Ring Entrance:Edit


Entrance Description: Edit


  • Running in place
  • "You're too slow"


  • "I did a little shopping, grabbed a bite to eat, and trashed a giant killer robot."
  • "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!"

Commonly Used Maneuvers (with desc.):Edit

  • Front-Flip Kick -
  • Spinning Side Kick -
  • Break Dance Leg Drop -
  • Somersault Senton -
  • Spin Dash (Cannonball Senton) -
    • Tree-of-Woe Senton -
  • Running Somersault Senton -
  • Tope Atomico -
  • Corkscrew Dropkick -
  • 450 Splash -
  • Gut Knee Strikes -
  • Spinning Roundhouse Kick -
  • Front-Flip Clothesline -
  • Vaulting Tornillo -
  • Light Speed Dash (Corner Body Splash) -
  • Flying Kick (Diving Kick) -
  • Skid Attack (Baseball Slide) -
  • Running Soccerball Kick to Seated Opponent -
  • Sonic Boom (Running Dropkick to Seated Opponent) -
  • One-Hand Handstand Fient Kick -
  • One-Hand Handstand Roundhouse Kick -
  • Sweep Kick (Leg Sweep) -
  • Light Speed Attack (Rolling Monkey Flip) -


  • Axe Kick -


  • Homing Attack (630 Senton) -
  • Sonic Boom (Front-Flip DDT) -


Tag Maneuvers (with desc.): Edit

  • Aided Uppercut - Sonic gets onto his hands and knees for Mario to run onto his back and hop off to deliver an uppercut to an opponent.



Personal Life:Edit

Storyline Events:Edit

Singles Match Record:Edit

Date Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulation(s) Referee(s) Result

Tag Team Match Record:Edit

Date Partner(s) Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulations Referee Result

Maneuver Videos:Edit


Sonic's (FLW) Theme05:13

Sonic's (FLW) Theme

Super Sonic Theme05:05

Super Sonic Theme

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