Soltaros is a Hero!
Nickname(s) "The Creator"
"The Eliminator"
"The Ancient Celestial Warrior"
Gender Male
Race Once Crystalian
Affiliation Hero
Style Balanced
Fighting Style Ranged energy blasts
Weapon(s) Solestrial Sword
Abilities Celestial Powers
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Strongest Special {{{strspability}}}


Soltaros is currently a dormant lifeform found at the center of the Soltaros Galaxy. He is encased inside a sphere of unscathed crystal, and presumably chipped off of Crystona. Beings such as Wolfram and Panik look to awaken Soltaros to use his power for their own plans by placing eleven of fifteen power sources into his crystal sphere. Each power source must be aligned with its respective planet for him to awaken. The order of which power sources are placed into his encasement determines whether his intentions are heroic or villainous. Although, only a select few are able to get close to Soltaros due to his intense heat. When heroic, his powers tend to be more fire and sun and star based. However, his powers will contain purple flames and black holes if he's villainous.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Solestrial Sword - A large, shining, gold sword created by his own power. It is a crystal sword. This sword leaves flames after each of his slashes. He only uses this sword when he fights for good.
  • ??? - A large, dull, silver sword created by his own power. It is a crystal sword. This sword can create black holes to pull oppositions in or erase them from existence.


After a meteor collided with the Crystona, Soltaros was knocked off the crystal planet. He would rotate in circles until the gravity of all planets he created in the Soltaros Galaxy held him in the center. During this time, his body would overheat and his power would be morphed into what it is today. After reaching the center, he would cool off and crystallize into the Soltaros Galaxy's new sun. He would be the son of the previous sun, that faced a supernova and exploded (while creating the Soltaros Galaxy's planets and life). 



  • Celestial Powers
    • Solar and star based attacks
    • Creation of black holes


Special Attacks:Edit

  • Solar Winds -
  • Nuclear Fusion -

Strongest Special Attack:Edit

  • Supernova - Soltaros stabs himself with his iron sword, causing him to explode and melt everything in his path.


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