Attribute Pyrus
Variations Solaris
Brawler Nexus
First Appearance R-Evolutions Episode 9 - Encounter

Solaris is a Pyrus Bakugan and the second Guardian Bakugan of Nexus in Bakugan R-Evolutions.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Solaris is a Dragon-class Bakugan who resembles Viper Helios in every aspect.

Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Quasar Beam - Solaris charges a red beam in his mouth, then fires it at the opponent.
  • Scatter Shot - Solaris rapidly fires baseball-sized fireballs from his mouth at the opponent.
  • Clawback - Solaris' claw sparks with red electricity as he bashes the aforementioned claw into the opponents' body.
  • Solar Destructor - Solaris fires a massive blast of dense fire at the opponent.
  • Nova Barrier - Solaris creates a red screen that blocks any attack.
  • Tail Mace - The tip of Solaris' tail transforms into a spiked club, then Solaris swings his tail at the opponent.

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