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One of Wolf's guardian bakugans. She has been partnered with Wolf's family too (Serenity and Wolfgang).


Skyeroid is loyal to justice with a hatred of being crimes and villainous acts. She is a bird-like bakugan with a long tail. She has razor sharp talons, able to hold things in a vise grip. She uses her tail to pick her opponent up and throw him/her to the ground.


Cloudy Skins! ( Skyeroid makes her body covered in clouds )

Skilled Assult! ( Skyeroid flies towards her opponent, slashing them and wing shooting them )

Skying Heart! ( Skyeroid moves around the opponent as a heart, firing little bolts of energy )

Sky Drop! ( Skyeroid picks her opponent up and slams them to the ground with a throw or smash )

Skying Climb! ( Skyeroid flies up into the air, sending wind gust at her opponent )

To be filled.

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