Sion Urishoyma
Sion U
Age 16
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth (Bakugan Universe Reality)
Race Human
Occupation Brawler, High School Student
Main Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Pyrus Vanguard
Family Parents
First Appearance Bakugan Universe: Chapter 1

Sion Urishoyma is a Pyrus Brawler and one of the main protagonists in Bakugan Universe.




Sion is a rather rash and impulsive teenager, but can be calm and patient as times. He happens to be very friendly and easygoing, and is very popular among his peers at school because of his Brawling skills and good looks. He wants to be the greatest Brawler there ever was, and will not rest until he has the number one rank on the International Rankings. As a result, he is often seen brawling people in order to get better at brawling and even for the fun of it.


Bakugan UniverseEdit




  • Sion's personality mirrors that of Dan Kuso; both can be rash and impulsive at times, are popular for their Brawling skills, and want to be the best there ever was. Also, both are Pyrus Brawlers.


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