Is a shark, that can hide it's head and pop it out in 10 other positions ( 11 position total, moves every 30 degrees ). He is also in a turtle shell, when he changes, it has 11 holes, at every 30 degrees for his head to stick out.. Its jaws are made to bite into steel. Its fins have razor sharp edges for vicious attacks. It isn't water bases, it can also go underground as an attack method. It has great hearing, if a feather hits water or the ground, he'll notice it. He can shoot beams out of his mouth, making him a vicious competitor. He is all blue with purple lines around his body. His shell is all brown, with tan likes around it.




  • Shell Protections- Sinkoid, hides in his shell to protect himself from attacks
  • Degree Changer- Sinkoid, changes his direction by 30 degrees
  • Swift Strike- Sinkoid charges into his opponent
  • Water Beam/Aquatic Beam- Sinkoid shots a beam out of his mouth
  • Tail Wave- Sinkoid, makes waves, using his tail
  • Big Bite- Sinkoid, takes a big bite to his opponent
  • Sinker- Sinkoid adds water to his shell, making him heavier
  • Waterfall Fall-out- Sinkoid adds water extra water to his shell, if water already is in his shell, all the water will rush out, toppling his opponent

Ultimate Ability:Edit

  • Shark Zuka- Sinkoid fires a blast of water

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