Blue) Just so everyone knows and so I don't have to repeat it, Samantha is okay...She just needs some rest...

PG) Guessing I don't have to make her anything...

Blue) I'll make her something later, it's kind-of my job to, since I've never did that for her...

Nintendocan) Hey Blue, can we talk for a minute?

Blue) Right now? Okay...

( Blue walks over to Nintendocan, where they go into another room and lock the door )

Mike) ...

( Alice runs over to the door Nintendocan locked )

Alice) Daddy! Your turn!

( Alice runs back to her seat )

Crystal) Let's just skip his turn...

Alice) NO!

Ray) I can wait...

Crystal) I CAN'T! DX

[ In the locked room ]

Nintendocan) Who do you think you are!?

Blue) I'm... ( Interruption )

Nintendocan) You really aren't anything...I've never trusted you, even when you realized you were on the wrong side...

Blue) And your problem with me is?

Nintendocan) My problem is, I haven't trusted you, I just can't...

Blue) Really? You can trust me, I wouldn't do anything to harm anyone here...

Nintendocan) How would I know...Inside I feel like Arric is favored by you! Outside, it looks like you are telling the truth.

Blue) Then believe that I'm telling the truth, I seriously decided to change because of my wife, it's seriously the thing I had to do...

Nintendocan) And...Your wife has been dead for more then 10 years, so don't tell that's why!

Blue) You don't even know who my wife was...When I look at Samantha, I see her...This is what she would want...

Nintendocan) Blue, it seems like you're looking for greed!

Blue) ...

Nintendocan) If Samantha is your reason to your wife, you're only here to think of your wife out of Samantha!

Blue) And hold up, you're not Wolfgang!

Nintendocan) I know I'm not, unlike you I don't take advantage over my kids!

Blue) And why is that even your reason!

Nintendocan) Because you are taking advantage of daughter! And it's just advice...Don't take advantage over your kids!

Blue) It sounds like yelling to me!

Nintendocan) Because I'm angry at the thought of how you're trying to take advantage over Samantha, I mean I know she's your daughter, but... ( Interruption )

Blue) But nothing, I've changed and people change, it's a way of life...

( Blue starts to head for the door )

Nintendocan) Hold up, I still have more to say!

Blue) Don't care!

( Blue opens the door, after unlocking it and leaves )

Nintendocan) He just doesn't understand...

Jane and Mike vs. Johnny and Ray! Episode 42

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