Masked Man) It probably would be great to have Bendo back, this mission suits his style. Nuzamaki90) Yeah...

Jolts) Where is Bendo?

Nuzamaki90) Trying to find, Phos' body.

Jolts) Oh... Back to topic.

Masked Man) We should have 6 of us over to the hospital and 3 of us stay here, but I make the teams.

Masked Man) At the hospital, we'll have:

DarkusMaster, HelixDragonoid900, Nuzamaki90, Masters, Kyuubidrago23, and me.

Masked Man) Here we'll have:

Pyrosmaster, Jolts, and Redakaibakulover

Redakaibakulover) Why do I got to stay here!

Masked Man) You have a concussion!

Redakaibakulover) I'll be fine there!

Masked Man) So what! We have to make sure of somethings, like keeping people safe!

Redakaibakulover) Don't worry!

Serenity) I can give a concussion test... but everyone else has to get going.

Redakaibakulover) Really, I can't go!

Masked Man) Lets get going...

Hydros) Why are you leaving? I'm dancing!

( Hydros is doing his dance still )

Hydros) Wolfie is a girl, oh yeah... uh ha, oh yeaaaa!

( Pyro Dragonoid, pushes Hydros off the table )

Hydros) I believe, I can fly!

( Hydros lands on his feet, Pyro Dragonoid looks Hydros )

( Hydros continues to dance )

Pyro Dragonoid) OMG!

Pheonix) I know -_-

( Meanwhile, upstairs, Serenity is giving Redakaibakulover a concussion test. )

Serenity) You look fine, but... you still got a concussion.

Redakaibakulover) Come on!

Wolf) AHH!

Serenity) Oh great...

( Serenity runs out, to check on Wolf )

Serenity) I shouldn't have left... I don't competely understand the whole mutation thing, but I think it's that...

( Pushes the door to Wolf's room open and notices Wolf's hands have claws. )

Serenity) Wolf?... You okay?

Wolf) The mutation is a pain.

( Serenity opens the door to Wolf's cage )

Wolf) What are you doing...

Serenity) Checking your claws...

Wolf) I got claws

( Wolf holds his hands up and Serenity walks over to Wolf's bed )

Serenity) Your mutations have been coming slowly, I need to get some of your blood... maybe, I can find a cure.

Wolf) Okay... I just, I'll wait for you... not like, I can't move. =/

( 10 minutes later, Serenity walks out with a needle with a mix of green and red blood. )

( Meanwhile, outside Pyros, Jolts, and Hydros see three bakugans coming towards them. )

( Hydros, Phoenix and Pyro Dragonoid, come out of their ball forms )

Pyro) You 4 ready?

Pyro Dragonoid) 100% with heat ready

Jolts) Yeah

Phoenix) The dark flares will lead us to a victory

Hydros) I'm alone again, but I'll dance while we wait.

???) We will take Wolf from you guys!

???) Yeah, I mean, you guys are weak

???) Jolts, that's what happened to you, I'll make sure you never walk again!

Episode 12