5 years have passes and a lot of things have happened. The mystery person has been found out, as Wolf's little brother with Autism, Green. A message was found about Wolf's parents, saying they were in a hospital, but the name was never given. It was signed by Blueking4ever and Pinkwolf. Wolf has gotten a job at something he loves to do. Serenity has became a nurse, again. Serenity is still trying to find out Wolf's real name, but Wolf has been keeping his name hidden. Wolf and Serenity are actually married now and have a little kid named, Wolfgang. Nuzamaki90, has only been seen, once a month. Airzel hasn't been seen, at all anymore. Wolf is now 22 years old, Serenity is 21 years old, Green is 18 years old, and Wolfgang is 4 years old. It's the fifth aniversitiy of the escape.

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