Is Roxanoid evolving? Did Poshi301 and Darkusfan202 truly betray Nintendocan? Who are the four mysterious people?

Pyrusbrawler900) Now, you were trying to be a mystery, right?

???) YEAH!

Pyrusbrawler900) Okay, Masters!

Masters) That's my name, don't wear it out!

Spout Whaloid) Spout! Spout! Spout! BOOM!

Ion Dragonoid) Nice, we face an overgrown whale with claws -_-

Spout Whaloid) CLAWS! >=D

Pyrusbrawler900) Blah Blah Blah... Ability Activate! Ionic Crash! ( Ion Dragonoid's outline attacks his opponent )

Masters) Ability Activate! Spouting Slash! ( Spout Whaloid uses his claws on his one flip to stab his opponent, heat is added to the opponent's body )

( Ion Dragonoid's outline gets close to Spout Whaloid )

Spout Whaloid) HI YA!

( Spout Whaloid's flipper arm goes through Ion Dragonoid's outline, like it's a ghost )

Ion Dragonoid Outline) TAKE THIS!

( Ion Dragonoid's outline punches Spout Whaloid's face, knocking him back )

Frosting128) Ability Activate! Top Spin! ( Reptila spins on the top of her shell )

Reptila) THIS...IS...FUN! WEE!

Poshi301) ...

Frosting128) Ability Activate! Top Shot! ( Reptila fires a darkus blast from her shell )

Wavafanac) This is fun!

( Wavafanac jumps into the air to avoid the blast )

Poshi301) Ability Activate! Water Releasement! ( Wavafanac releases water from her mouth )

( Reptila continues to spin and she sinks into the mud )

Reptila) I'M STUCK!

Frosting128) Oh great!

Poshi301) Ability Activate! Butom Water! ( Wavafanac releases a huge ball of water at her opponent )

( Frosting128, in head, Oh yeah! Reptila's shell would reflect the attack back anyways )

( The ball of water hits Reptila's shell and slams right back into Wavafanac )

( Wavafanac falls to the ground and goes into Poshi301's hands as ball form )

PYRUSGUARDIAN) Ability Activate! Electron Force! ( Electron Leonial pulls it's opponent in with negative energy )

( Shadow Meteonoid is forced closer to Electron Leonial )

PYRUSGUARDIAN) Ironic Roar Headbutt ( With the crest on his forehead, Electron Leonial rams, sometimes headbutts the opponent with the iron crest that causes bolts of lightning to rapidedly hit the target once triggered with a roar )

( Electron Leonial preforms the ability with great accuracy )

Electron Leonial) RAWR!

( Shadow Meteonoid falls backwards )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! Hex Blast! ( Hexwing Dragonoid fires six flat beams at his opponent )

( Ventus Wingy jumps over the blast and Ventus Nyanja follows along )

Taylean2002) Ability Activate! Combo Ninja Strike! ( Ventus Wingy slaps it's opponent, while Ventus Nyanja kicks the opponent's head )

( Wingy goes to run up to Hexwing Dragonoid )

Emiliano) Ability Activate! Hexagon Destroyer! ( Hexwing Dragonoid shapes his wings into a hexagon and a charged beam is fired )


( Wingy turns to it's ball form and goes into Taylean's hands after the huge beam made impact )

Nyanja) HIYA!

( Nyanja kicks Hexwing and he falls backwards, while Nyanja lands on his feet from the backflip )

???) RAWR!!!!

( The evolved Roxanoid's claws come out of the red flame cover )

( Darkusfan202, in head, YES! THE TRAP WORKED, ROXANOID HAS EVOLVED! Well... Poshi and Me should have told Nintendo this earlier... I mean, why would we betray him, when we could betray our opponent after they just gain our trust, like right now... )!_Episode_51_Part_7/7

Grade of Scorching Battles! Episode 50 Part 6/7?

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