Scar) This is it...

DF) Yep

( Airzel stands on top of a mountain )

Scar) Ability Activate! Hyperpulse Discharge! ( Blazar Dragonoid creates a quick moving pulse that discharges an opponent far away )

( Blazar Dragonoid comes out of his ball form, releasing a pulse )

( Shadow Meteonoid gets out of his ball form, unable to block )

( Shadow Meteonoid crashes into a mountain )

Scar) Ability Activate! Rocky Crush! ( Blazar Dragonoid pulls rock-like object from the ground and throws it at the opponent )

DF) Ability Activate! Phantom Slash! ( Shadow Meteonoid slashes the opponent with another slash blasting the opponent )

( The rock falls apart, as a slash mark heads towards Blazar )

Scar) Ability Activate! Turbine Knife-

( Blazar Dragonoid jumps into the air )

( The slash mark hits Scar, knocking and K.Oing him )

( Blazar Dragonoid charges towards Shadow Meteonoid )

DF) Ability Activate! Cosmic Showers! ( A rainbow of colorful rocks fall to the ground )

( Comets falls as Blazar avoids them or slashes through them with his wings )

DF) Ability Activate! Cosmic Crashbeam! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires an image of himself, followed by a beam, towards the opponent )

( Comets trap Blazar )

( An image hits Blazar as a beam attacks him )

Blazar) AHHH!

( Blazar gets fried and falls )

DF) Ability Activate! Shadow Beatings! ( Shadow Meteonoid beats the opponent down, using the shadows )

( Shadow Meteonoid attacks Blazar )

( Blazar releases huge amounts Phazon )

( Shadow Meteonoid turns to his ball form )

DF) ...

( Blazar gets on his one knee, tired )

( Shade falls on Blazar's head, smashing his head into the ground )

( Blazar turns to his ball form )

( Airzel jumps off Shade )

Airzel) Welcome to the Legend's Circle, Scar...Too bad you lost quickly in the legend's tournament and lost your spot in the adult's tournament...

[ Meanwhile, outback of the house ]

Wolfgang) Almost done...Jenna will be happy with this little one...

( Wolfgang holds a Crystalic bakugan that changes its form )

Wolfgang) And Samantha will definitely get this one...

The First Crystalic! Episode 15

Grade of Scar vs. Darkusfan, Airzel vs. Winner! Episode 14?

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