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Jane's bakugan partner



She is a bird like bakugan with a long black tail. Her under side shows her bones with black coloring, while her front side is patterned with purple, green, and black stripes.




  • Facing Feathers- Feathers come off of Scalean's tail, that target the opponent like razor blades
  • Skeleton Scare- Scalean shows her opponent her skeleton, scaring the opponent
  • Laggy Hold- Skeletons grab the opponent from below
  • Death Break- Anything around Scalean ages
  • Skelical Barrier- Bones come from the ground in a growing barrier
  • Bone Shot- Bones shoot against the enemy

Ultimate Ability:Edit

  • Skeleton Suicide- Scalean's skeleton body leaves Scalean's body and charges into the opponent with an explosion
  • Terror Attack- The opponent sees Scalean's skeleton, causing the opponent's eyes to turn red and get hit by an internal blast

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