Saving Private Fanonlords is a upcoming comedy movie made by Ziefilms, it features the community of Fanonlords Wiki coming together to protect the wiki from the most greatest evil EVER!!!!


Wolf, Nintendo, C22, Ice, Darkness Pizza, and Zie are in the Fanonlords Headquarters when a bomb strikes Pyruslords Street, these weird evil beings called the "Noobits" are trying to take over the wiki!


  • The Outcast Wolf
  • Zie
  • Nintendocan
  • Poshi301
  • Darkness Pizza
  • Darkusinfinity99
  • Trollista
  • Jerry
  • Valentin 98
  • Icefern
  • C22helios
  • DeltaStriker
  • Zachattack31
  • Winxrainbowix
  • Kodokor12
  • Blueking4ever
  • Crimsonstorm
  • Digimaster1
  • Pyrosmaster
  • Kyuubidrago23
  • Nexus360
  • Other characters

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