Hydros) I will not give up!

( Hydros gets up )

Hydros) They're gone... CHICKENS!

Hydros) I guess it's time for my Victory Dance!

( Hydros starts to dance )

Hydros) Uh hu... Oh yea... Shake those heads all around! Uh hu... Oh yeaea! Shake those tails! Uh hu... Oh yea... Shake that hip! Uh hu... Oh yea... Time to finsh! Break dance style!

( Hydros does a break dance )

Hydros) Oh YEAH!


Hydros) AHH!

( A part of the house fell down )

Hydros) The sky is falling!... I guess it is time for my " The Sky is Falling Dance"

( Starts to dance )

Redakaibakulover) Hydros, quit the dancing time to go!

Hydros) Go where?

Redakaibakulover) Time will tell, partner, time will tell.

( Redakaibakulover and Hydros take off )

( Meanwhile in the house )

( Serenity wakes up )

Serenity) Wolf... Wolf... ( coughs )

( Wolf makes no sound, but Serenity gets up on her feet )

Wolfie) It's hot in here... not talking about anyone here, just the temperture!

Serenity) No time to talk... just, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!

Wolfie) Okay!

( Serenity picks Wolf up slowly and puts Wolf on Wolfie's back )

Wolfie) I could have put him on!

Serenity) He has an extremely bad injury to his mid-section, so you couldn't.

( Serenity hops onto Wolfie )

Serenity) Wolfie, go through the sky roof and land out front, of the house... I have to leave a note.

Wolfie) Okay!

( Wolfie flys through the sky roof and goes out front )

Serenity) Thank you

( Serenity writes a note, using a piece of paper from her pocket and gives it to Pyrosmaster, who woke up from being K.Oed )

Serenity) I'm sorry about leaving you guys here, but wait for the others and show them this note... there was no time to save the house.

Pyrosmaster) Okay.

( Serenity takes Wolf off of Wolfie's back and puts Wolf into the back seat of her car. Wolfie goes to her ball form and goes into Wolf's pocket )

Serenity) Good Luck!

( Serenity hops into the drivers seat of the car )

( Serenity starts driving to the bridge, connecting to land 4 hours away )

Episode 14