Airzel ) Auh... You guys decided to show your faces.

Masked Man) Yeah, we did!
Sky Raider ID with The Wolf's name

Airzel) It was a dumb move, why help these pathetic excuses of living life?

Masked Man) Because.

Airzel) Because what!?

Masked Man) Because this is my home! I can't let my home be destroyed from some guy who can't brawl, but only talk!

Airzel) I made you mad! Hmph!

( Masked Man... Charge Dragonoid has green lines, that is great! ) Masked Man) Ability Acitvate! 5) Energy Beam: (Charge Dragonoid fires a beam of light energy, that can only be used when she has green lines )

Airzel) Spotter Stand! Ability Activate! Haos Dome: (Creates a doom, to protect self. )

( The energy blast hits the haos dome, cracking the dome to peices, but Spotter and Airzel, were still protected from the attack )

Airzel) That's the best you got! That seriously sucked!

Masked Man) No it didn't!

???) Ability Activate! Twin Blast! ( A blast that is fired by Twin Dragonoid's two heads. It can combine to one blast )

( Masked Man points up, Airzel and Spotter look up )

Airzel) Crud!

Spotter) Oh No!


( Meanwhile at the beach, there is a brawl going on down there )

Zachattack31) ( Zach throws Sinkoid into the water ) Aquos Sinkoid Stand!

Agent Z) ( Throws Sandis into the sand ) Subterra Sandis Stand!

Nuzamaki90) Teleterra, you ready? ( Throws Teleterra ) Subterra Teleterra Stand!

'DarkusMaster) ( Throws J'okathak onto a rocky aisle, above the water) Darkus Jokathak Stand!

Masters) ( Throws Whaloid ) Pyrus Whaloid Stand!

Kyuubidrago23) ( Throws Long Tails ) Pyrus Long Tails Stand!

( DarkusMaster whispers to Masters, Nuzamaki90, and Kyuubidrago23 ): Listen, guys... Nuzamaki90 and me will take Zachattack31 and Sinkoid, while you two, Masters and Kyuubidrago23 take Agent Z and Sandis.

Masters, Nuzamaki90, and Kyuubidrago23) Okay!

Nuzamaki90) Teleterra, I know you heard what we said, so go into the water.

Teleterra) Anything to hurt, that stupid fish!

( Teleterra starts to walk into the water )

'Kyuubidrago23') Long Tails you ready?

'Long Tails') Yeah, I am!

Kyuubidrago23) 'Ability Activate! Nine Tails Swipe ( Long Tails, uses his tails to hit his opponent 9 times )

Agent Z) Sandis, go underground!

( Sandis goes underground )

Kyuubidrago23) Use your ability to dig up, Sandis!

Long Tails) Okay!

( Long Tails hits the sand 9 times, but no sign of Sandis )

Agent Z) Double Ability Activate! ' Sand Whirlpool: ( Sandis goes underground and creates a sand whirlpool ) and 'Quicksand: ( After an opponent is in the sand whirlpool, Sandis, changes the bottoms direction, making his opponent stuck.)

( Long Tails sinks to the bottom of the sand whirlpool and gets stuck )

Kyuubidrago23) Long Tails!

'Masters) Don't forget about me! Ability Activate! '5) Drill Horn Destruction: ( Can only be used in Lava, Whaliod spins his horn around, to make a whirlpool of lava. ) Now, Whaloid, point your horn into the sand... it should bring Sandis and Long Tails up!

( Whaloid, puts his horn into the ground, making his own whirlpool, sending Sandis flying up into the air and Long Tails up to the top of the sand. )

'Masters) Ability Activate! 'Lava beam: (Used on land only, Whaliod mixes oxygen and lava in his body for a big blast.)

( Whaloid fires the lava beam and Sandis goes back to ball form )

( Meanwhile, in the water )

Teleterra) Come on, you dumb shark! Stop biting my leg!

Nuzamaki90) Just kick him!

Teleterra) I forgot, I can kick... legs feel numb =/

( Teleterra kicks Sinkoid out of the water )

Zaachattack31) Ability Activate! 'Water Beam: ( Sinkoid shoots a beam, out of his mouth. )'

( Sinkoid fires a beam out of his mouth and hits Teleterra in the head )

Teleterra) Ow!

DarkusMaster) Ability Activate! 'Vortex beam: (shoots a beam of energy )'

'( 'Jokathak fires a beam at Sinkoid and Sinkoid gets stuck, in the air for a moment.)

( Teleterra grabs Sinkoid and throws Sinkoid at Zachattack31 )

( Sinkoid turns to ball form )

Zachattack31) Ofph!

Teleterra) I smashed the stupid shark!

( Meanwhile, back next to the hospital )

( Helixdragonoid900, looks into the hole, Twin Dragonoid's blast made )

Helixdragonoid900) He's not there!

Masked Man) What!

Airzel) HahaHA!

( Masked Man looks behind him )

Airzel) You got tricked!

' 'Masked Man) What do you mean!

Airzel) Look at this video... this is happening right now!

( Airzel makes a video, that everyone at the beach can see too )

( The video shows, the house on fire, The Masked Man's teammates down, and Wolf and Serenity out cold in Wolf's room )

Masked Man) I can't believe it! I had it all planned out!

( Airzel uses his ear plug to tell his other 5 team mates to go teleport home and they do )

( Masked Man sends Helixdragonoid900, to tell everyone else to leave, while him and Airzel brawl and they follow the orders, to go check on everyone's condition )

( Charge Dragonoid and Spotter crash into each other )

Part 2

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