A few hours later...

Wolfgang) Okay...It looks great!

Nintendo) Yep

Wolfgang) So...Who's going to brawl?

Nintendo) You and me

Wolfgang) Nope, not me...It's Samantha's birthday, so that's a definite no...

Nintendo) Okay...Then hmm

Wolfgang) Yeah, hmm...Well, I'm going to see Samantha *Wolfgang walks away*

Nintendo) I KNOW!

[ Meanwhile, in Wolfgang and Samantha's house ]

Samantha) Yeah, she's a sweetheart... *Holds Jenna*

Sara) She's definitely better than your father and brother...

Samantha) And Wolfgang...

Serenity) And Wolf too...

Wolf) *Pepsi spills from his cup* WHAT!

Serenity) I'm just kidding...

Wolf) Okay, I hope you are...*Grabs rag*

Sara) So can she crawl yet?

Samantha) Mom, you wouldn't believe her...

( The front door opens )

Sara) An energetic one...

Samantha) Yeah

Sara) Just like how you were...

Samantha) Me energetic?

Wolfgang) I guess so...*Walks over*

Samantha) *Gets up* How long were you listening for?

Wolfgang) Not long...*Opens deck door and walks outside*

Samantha) I'll be right back...*Hands Jenna over to her mom*


Samantha) ...*Looks at Forigon*

Forigon) NOT ME!

( Samantha picks Forigon up and hands her to Jenna )

Forigon) *Turns to a rubber toy* And now here we go...

( Jenna puts apart of Forigon in her mouth )

Samantha) Okay...*Walks to the deck door, opens it, and closes it*

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