Age 15-16 (Story III)
18 (Story IV)
19 (Story V)
19 (Tournament Epilogue 1-5)
19-20 (MoCC)
20 (D-BC)
22 (DF)
26 (LR)
Birthday December 10th
Gender Female
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Human-Neathian mix
Occupation Mother
Main Attribute Haos Haos
Guardian Bakugan Lustinun Tigera
First Appearance Wolfgang's Takeover! Episode 1
Side Protagonist


Samantha is a dirty-blond haired girl with bright hazel eyes. She's afraid of her father, Blue, and always wants to be with her mother, Sara. However, that all changes when her mother died. She would meet Wolfgang and live at his house.

Teen YearsEdit

Samantha is a brown haired girl with bright hazel eyes; she keeps her hair long. She has a slight tan color to her skin. She is normally seen wearing turtle-necks, in the winter, while t-shirts and dresses in the summer with pants. She has a caring personality and is openhearted.


Samantha is married to Wolfgang and has four children (Jenna, Alexandria, Aaron, and Starlet). She's a loving mother, who's always to her children when Wolfgang's not around. Also, she doesn't like Wolfgang leaving, as he's been gone for years, Wolf could end up coming, or he could die. She normally keeps her hair length to her shoulders.

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