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The official headquarters for the PyrusLords Wiki staff and members.


  • The Outcast Wolf
  • Nintendocan
  • C22Helios
  • Renardy
  • Valentin 98
  • Icefern
  • Nexus360
  • Darkusfan202
  • Poshi301



  • Ventus Volf
  • Darkus Astral Leonidas
  • Pyrus Valkyrie
  • Aquos Trollista (Balista)
  • Jerry (Unattributed)


  • Wolf's Office - The office for PyrusLords Wiki's founder and leader.
  • Administration Offices - A collection of offices for the PLW admins.
  • Chat Moderator Offices - A collection of offices for the PLW chat moderators.
  • Valentin's Hidden Secret Laboratory - Name says it all. But it's hidden...and where's a secret!
  • Jerryland: OMG JERRYLAND I WANNA GO! Its located under Trollista Land.
  • Trollistaland: Built before the Halloista contest, the best amusment park IN THE WORLD, NO UNIVERSE HAHAHAHAHA!

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