The Outcast Wolf's powers and abilities.

Ghost FormEdit

Ghost Form is a special form usable by certain people that allows them to transform between a ghost and their regular form at will.


  • Invisibility: The person is able to turn invisible. When invisible, they cannot be seen by human eyes or scanning devices. They can also make other people/objects invisible with them (Only during physical contact).
  • Flight: The person can hover and fly through the air, sometimes at considerable speeds and heights.
  • Overshadowing/Possessing: The person can overshadow (or possess) a human being, animal, or an inanimate object from within by phasing completely into the host's body, allowing them to gain full control of the host's body and completely control the host's actions as if it was their body. When overshadowed, the host keeps their original form, voice, eye color, etc. as if they weren't being overshadowed. The person can leave the host at any time and the host has no memory of what they did while overshadowed, and the last thing they remember is up to five minutes before they were overshadowed, with the time being the person's choice. The user is capable of possessing ANYONE, and the only weakness for possessing someone is that the user may die if the host is killed.
  • Paranormal Resistance: As a ghost, the person is resistant/immune to several attacks/effects.
  • Planar Walk: The person can stand on, as well as walk along vertical surfaces (such as walls) as though they were held against them by gravity.


Use of the emotional spectrum to power lantern rings


  • Hope: The ability to instill hope in people
  • Willpower: The ability to keep on fighting
  • Rage: The ability to be raging
  • Fear: The ability to instill fear


Mental is a power usable by certain people, by their minds.


  • Telepathy: The person uses their mind to use an object or opponent.
  • Mind Control: The person controls another via their mind.
  • Mind Wipe: The person wipes the opponent's memory.
  • Physic Creatures: The person makes creatures with his/her mind.
  • Flight: The person uses their mind to make him/her float.
  • Aging: The person makes another age with his/her mind.
  • Firing: The person makes another catch on fire via his/her mind.
  • Mind Transfer: The person transfers his or her mind to another body for a limited amount of time and renders their body vulnerable.
  • Mental Skill+: The person increases the strength, defense, or speed of their attacks for 30 seconds.
  • Rebirth: The person or ally comes back to life as purple ooze, reforming, and explodes with a mental explosion.
    • Note: This move has a 10 minutes recharge and can only be used every forty minutes.
  • Psychic Explosion: The user creates a psychic explosion around the opponent via his/her mind.
  • Telekinetic Transformation: After exploding when a giant crystal sphere of purple energy, the person becomes numerous elements that condense into a new form.

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