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  1. You can enter any number of HP for your Pokémon between 1 and 3,000. However, some numbers will be limited depending on your Pokémon's level or if it's a Shedinja (Which is supposed to have 1 HP). Like in the games,


  1. Like in the games, each Pokémon is only allowed to know four moves, and they must be moves they can normally learn. The damage moves do depends on their base power.
  2. If the move is not very effective on the opponent, it only does half the damage. If it's twice as not very effective, it only does one fourth.
  3. if the move is super effective on the opponent, it does twice the damage. If it's twice as super effective on the opponent, it does quadruple the damage.
  4. If the move is not very effective on one type and super effective on the other (Like a Fire-type move being used on Lotad), it does the regular amount of damage.

Can Attacks Miss?Edit

  1. Yes, but only if the user can type "*It hits*" before the opponent can type "Dodge it!".

Who Goes First?Edit

  1. Both players must decide who will go first.
  2. If neither player can pick a decision or they each chose a different person, the youngest goes first.

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