This is a list of places when Role-Playing.:


Fanonlords Street Layout

Whoberville is the hometown of Wolf, GamingFanatic, Ray, Icefern, C22helios, Valentin 98, AceNegatov, Renardy, Poshi301, SaluteMeImWinx, and XBoltBladerX during RPs.

Places of InterestEdit

Wolf's Underground HouseEdit

Wolf lives in a cave underneath a patch of dirt. Why? Because he's crazy!

GamingFanatic and Ray's HouseEdit

GF's 2-story house. It has a pool in the backyard. Ray also lives there.

Icefern's MansionEdit

Originally just a house, Ice got a mansion after GF possessed her, won $3,000,000, and upgraded it to a mansion.

C22helios' HouseEdit

C22's house.

Valentin 98's HouseEdit

Val's house.

AceNegatov's HouseEdit

Ace's house.

Renardy's HouseEdit

Zie's house.

Poshi301's MansionEdit

Poshi inherited this mansion from Darkness Pizza after he retired.

SaluteMeImWinx's HouseEdit

Winx's house.

XBoltBladerX's HouseEdit

Bolt's house.

Whoberville Movie TheaterEdit

Whober ParkEdit

Whoberville District CourtEdit


One of Whoberville District Court's courtrooms.

Whoberville Sports CommitteeEdit

FL Detective AgencyEdit

For more information, see Role-Playing/FL Detective Agency.


This is where all deceased beings come to.

Places of Interest:Edit

King Yemma's OfficeEdit



Snake WayEdit


A planet mostly populated by girls.

Places of InterestEdit

Xerophia CastleEdit

Xerophia Clock TowerEdit

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