Judicial SystemEdit

When in court in an RP the court almost always operates under the Judicial System, in which the judge hands down the verdict, and presents all evidence at the beginning of the trial. This is done by the judge private messaging both attorneys. In the event evidence is needed that hasn't been presented, the Judge will add it to the Court Record. (I.E. If the prison record is not already in the record, and one or both sides ask for it, the judge will add it and what it says to the Court Record)

The Judge may not be biased in any way and if proven biased (Which said Judge will not be the judge of, peers will be) He must step down from his position on the case. Same rules apply for the Defense being biased toward their client, or the Prosecution being biased for the Defendant.

Jurist SystemEdit

The Pyrus Lords Court almost never operates under this system however the viewers and lawyers in the court may decide if one is needed, for example if the judge is biased but no one else volunteers to replace him. The number of jurists depends on how ever many people are willing to be jurists. In this system the jurists decide the verdict, but the judge still does everything else he does in the Judicial System. Also the judge will private message each jurist the evidence. Also Jurists may not be biased. Same rules apply for biasedness in the Judicial System to the Jury. Other then that, all rules from the Judicial system apply.

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