Bendo) Ability Activate! Double Devastation! ( Darkus Phockery picks another Phockery up and slams him against the opponent )

( Darkus Phockery grabs Aquos Phockery )

Aquos Phockery) SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! *Gets thrown into the air with Darkus Phockery holding his legs*

Darkus Phockery) >=D *Slams Aquos Phockery against Volf's diamond shield*

Gemention Volf) *Looks up* Hi...

Aquos Phockery) T.T *Turns to ball form*

Bendo) Ability Activate! Darllusion Ball! ( Darkus Phockery creates a ball from his hand and throws it at his opponent; the ball bursts with black smoke )

Darkus Phockery) BOUNCE BALL MEET YOUR OPPONENT! *Throws the ball towards Volf*

( The ball crashes into Gemention Volf's diamond shield and splatters )

Gemention Volf) *With sarcasm* Wow...How amusing...*Stomps on the ground with his shield disappearing, while eight Crystalic pillars come out of the ground*

By Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) *Closes front door* Alright...I've been keeping Volf waiting for too long...

Citizen) You have! *Gets up*

Wolfgang) I know...*Looks at the citizen's eyes* How are you doing...

( Another citizen closes his chair )

Citizen) I'm fine today...Volf have been looking great...

Wolfgang) I'll tell him that...

Citizen) And how is your wife and kid?

Wolfgang) Why do you want to know...

Citizen) Because I'm just curious...

( The other citizen walks behind Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) Well...They're fine...

Crowd) YAY! *Stands up after eight different beams hit Darkus Phockery*

Wolfgang) W-

BANG! *A chair gets smashed against the back of Wolfgang's skull*

( Wolfgang falls down )

Citizen 2) PUNK! *Turns Wolfgang over and places Wolfgang's ankle into the chair*

Crowd) YAY! *Darkus Phockery returns to his ball form*

( The first citizen runs into Wolfgang's house, while the second citizen stomps on the chair )

( The chair digs into Wolfgang's ankle )

( The citizen picks Wolfgang up and throws him over the railing )

BOOM! *Wolfgang falls into the truck standing, but trips with the chair still on his ankle*

NIntendo) ...*Turns around*

Wolf) ...*Turns around*

Citizen 2) O_O

( Nintendo and Wolf leave the risers as the truck starts driving )

A New Storm Coming! Episode 40

Grade of Rising Conflict! Episode 39?

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