Renaw is a Hero!
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Gender Male
Race Anewan
Affiliation Hero
Style Offensive
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Abilities Resurrection
Life Draining
Form Change
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Renaw has dark gray skin with patches of sewage green skin. His skin is scarred with blood stains everywhere. He only has patches of hair on his forehead. Renaw lives underground in a dug grave. In addition, Renaw is considered to be a dangerous individual. He can resurrect himself from the dead, but doing so drains the life he's collected. With enough life stolen from his opponents, Renaw is able to change into a much more powerful form. Then he can resurrect multiple lifeforms and use energy blasts, If he is killed in battle, he can resurrect himself with the life force he's collected. However, he returns to his normal form when killed in his powerful form.

Description of Armor:Edit

  • Skinned shirt
  • Skinned pants 

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Bone Sword - A sword created by attaching and smoothing the bones of the deceased. 




  • Resurrection
  • Life Draining
  • Form Change


Special Abilities:Edit

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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